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New Vehicle2.49%
Used Vehicle2.99%
Home Equity3.25%

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Effective as of: 1/4/2021
Period (Months)APR* (%)
Jingle Bucks Loan Special *Maximum loan $5,000
up to 12 Monthsas low as3.00%
Personal Loan
36 Monthsas low as9.00%
48 Monthsas low as9.25%
60 Monthsas low as9.50%
Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card
New Vehicle - 2020 and Newer
60 Monthsas low as2.49%
61 -72 Monthsas low as2.99%
Used Vehicle - 2019-2020
60 Monthsas low as2.99%
Used Vehicle - 2016-2018
60 Monthsas low as3.29%
Used Vehicle 2014-2015
60 Monthsas low as 3.49%
Home Equity Loans - 80% LTV
60 Months3.25%
180 Months3.75%
RV/Boat - New
60 Monthsas low as8.25%
84 Monthsas low as8.75%
120 Monthsas low as9.25%
RV/Boat - Used
60 Monthsas low as8.75%
84 Months9.25%
100% Share/CD Secured
60 Months4.00%
Rate charged will be 2% above CD Pledged with a minimum rate of 4% and a maximum rate of 7% rounded to the nearest 1/10%. CD will be pledged for the life of the loan
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Loan rates listed are "as low as" rates and your final rate may be higher depending on credit worthiness and debt to income ratio. Other rates and terms available. Any and all promotional rates and offers may change and/or end without notice.